Azenzer is a Berber rug brand with an aim to offer our customers the best experience with Moroccan craftsmanship. 

We believe that each Azenzer rug should be yours to own for the longest time, and are aware that aesthetic beauty and finest material are not sufficient in their own. It's through this idea that we made of Azenzer a profound commitment.

A commitment to value handmade products as an alternative to mass production, to maintain a long tradition of berber weaving struggling to survive, to offer rugs made of natural material with a low environmental impact and to work hand in hand with our artisans in a fair trade collaboration.

Azenzer is the extension of a personal aspiration. Born and raised in Morocco, I grew up having fascination and respect for Berber rugs. As a place of collective memory, they are, more than anything, a precious heritage for which I aspire to preserve and bring into light through Azenzer.

 Azenzer: noun (m) Berber name for ray of light.

Sofia Tahtaoui